Thank you for booking your party at Laser Quest Hull. Please note the following points regarding booking.

Deposits are non refundable.

There is a minimum payment of 8 required for parties. This includes adults or children. If you only have 6 children on the day you still have to pay for 8.

If your numbers increase, please tell us as we have a very busy bookings schedule for peak periods and we may not always be able be able to accommodate extra players. Also, if any adults are planning to play, you must ring up and book them in. Spaces may be available on the day but it is not guaranteed.

We will ask you to confirm numbers 48 hours prior to your party. This is the number you must pay for on the day. If children do not turn up at this point, you will still have to pay for them.

You do not get exclusive use for your party.

The age range for Laser Quest is 7 up to adult.

There is no viewing area whilst the game is in progress. The game is marshalled by staff.

No own food and drink thank you.

The party room is available for you for half an hour. We will tell you at the time of booking if the party room is booked. We can offer you alternative seating if there is already a booking. We only have on party room, so if we need the party room after your half an hour, we may ask you to politely to vacate. If we don’t need it, then it’s no problem to have extra time in there.

You may bring your own birthday cake or you can order a special Laser Quest Birthday Cake from us and have a total themed Laser Quest Party. These are made by The Cake Room of Hessle and are personalised for you with the name of your child, you can choose any colour and candles are provided. We also sell Party Bags for £1.50 filled or 20p empty that are also themed.

Dark clothing is advisable as pale clothing make you a target. Also flat shoes. No silly footwear please.

You can also get all your children to think of a special name for themselves or a nickname as this will be entered on their pack and will appear on their scorecard at the end of the game.

We will give you jugs of orange, blackcurrant or water during your party.

We will give you an arrival time of 20 minutes before your first game. Late arrivals may miss the start of the game. We start entering the information into the computer 10 minutes before the game is due to start .i.e if your first game is booked at 11:20am, please tell all your guests to arrive at 11:00am. Games go in PROMPTLY every 20 minutes. We cannot hold games up as we have other bookings to consider.

There is plenty of seating for adults and refreshments and food available for all. Food may be ordered for extra children if they are not playing Laser Quest.